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        2. CAREERS

          Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, is located in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province. The predecessor of the hospital is Jiangsu Hospital founded in 1960, which was renamed Jiangsu Institute of Cancer Research in December 1973 and Jiangsu Cancer Hospital in 1991. Jiangsu Cancer Hospital, which is the only provincial-level cancer hospital in Jiangsu, ranks among the Top 10 best oncology hospitals and the Top 100 best hospitals in China. Jiangsu Cancer Hospital has been consistently working on improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer via talent training and scientific research, and providing the patients with best medical care. 

          The hospital receives outstanding talents in various positions. Applicants should submit following materials by emailing to Human Resource Department, at renshichu@www.boda68.cn.

          1. Curriculum vitae, a brief summary of past accomplishments and future research plans (1-2 pages);

          2. Representational papers and works, scientific research experience, awards and certificates included and cited by SSCI, SCI, etc. in the past five years;

          Detailed information regarding our hospital can be found our official website: http://www.www.boda68.cn/

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